Guitar Mage

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Guitar Mage is a complete fretboard knowledge and visualization trainer.

Guitar fretboard is a maze of interconnected pitches where, to effectively find your way, both rigorous visualization training and good harmony knowledge are needed - Guitar Mage helps you train these essential skills in a fun and challenging way!

Guitar Mage is NOT a tool to display chords and scales - instead it's a method of learning to visualize them yourself!

This game is a must for every guitarist, no matter if you've played for 30 years or just one. You progress in the game when you defeat your opponent in the task they assign you and the faster you beat them, the more points you get!

Basic training is over after you reach level 23, but you will continue to unlock new scales up until level 33 - then you have unlocked all 88 different opponents.By level 50 I expect you to be a true master of the fretboard!


The game supports custom tunings and there is an in-game guide containing helpful information to get you started.

Since version 1.50 there is the option to play the fretted notes (this feature is on by default). There is an unique real guitar sound for each fret of guitar (162 sounds total, covering all tuning possibilities)! This will allow you to add ear training to the visualization practice!

There are options to display either note names or intervals for the selected notes, which will help you in learning the fretboard relations.

The game is ad-free and no in-game purchases are required, ever!